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Paul H.

Phan, D.D.S.

Dr, Phan is a graduate from the dental school of the University of California, San Francisco in 2000 which is ranked as one of the top dental school in America. He is very passionate about dentistry. On his free time, he volunteered in mobile clinic to provide free dentistry for the poor and homeless. He loves working with kids and take time to make sure his patients are comfortable before any procedures are done.

His hobby are cooking, volunteering, and going to the gym. He believes in giving back to the community.


Nguyen, D.M.D.

Steve Nguyen graduated with his doctorate in Dentistry from Temple University in Philadelphia in 1997. He also completed an Advanced Dental Residency at Temple University in 1998. Doctor Steve currently  resides in Henderson with his wife and children. His hobbies includes hunting,  skiing, and boating 

Brittany Thompson 

Brittany has been working at Phantastic Dental Care since 2004 as a receptionist. She enjoys interacting with the patients and making sure they understand the procedures they needed and feel comfortable getting the procedures done.

Ying Ochoa

Speaks fluent Chinese and I love to work in both locations. She is a very dedicated worker and loves to assist patients making them feel comftorable as can be.

Lori Fernandez

Lori has been with Phantastic Dental since 2001. She enjoys making the patients feel comfortable with our office and staff.

Joyce Conedy, R.D.H.

Joyce has been working at phantastic dental since March 2005 as a hygienist. She enjoys interacting with patients and helping them maintain healthy teeth and gums.

Brianna Castro

I've been working with Phantastic dental care since 2011 What I enjoy most is interacting with our patients & making sure they feel comftorable.

Rocio Ponce

Rocio has been with Phantastic Dental Care since 2007. She enjoys helping the patients with the dental insurance and make sure the patients understand their full benefits.

Victor Hinojos

Victor has been a dental assistant since 2015. He enjoys making sure that the patients are comfortable before the dental procedures.

Sherry Clough, R.D.H.

I am a native Las Vegan, and have been practicing dental hygiene for 30 years. More than half of those years have been with Phantastic Dental. I enjoy working with our patients to achieve their overall oral health. I strive to make our patients comfortable during their visit and to keep their experience as painless as possible.

Michelle Reyna

Michelle has been working at Phantastic Dental Care as a dental assistant since 2014. Her favorite part of her job is to see how happy patients are with their dental work.

Sarah Whipple

Sarah has been a dental assistant since 2010. She enjoys working closely with the patients and the other wonderful staffs to achieve excellent oral health for our patients.

Lani Bilog

Lani has been working as receptionist since 2005. She enjoys greeting the patients with a big smile as the walk through the front door to make them feel comfortable.

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